Beach Lido di Venezia

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The more than 10 km long beach on the island of Lido near Venice has been world-famous for a long time. It was once the first beach in the world.

The island Lido di Venezia is simply called Lido in colloquial language. The island separates the lagoon of Venice from the open sea. At the side to the Adriatic Sea is the long sandy beach. On the lagoon side bathing is not popular.

On the beach of Lido there are comparatively few higher waves. The northern Adriatic is a rather calm sea. In summer the sun often shines... From June to September there is a lot going on on the beaches around Venice.

If you are looking for a secluded beach, you might find your luck on the island Pellestrina south of Lido di Venezia or in the south of Lido. Very famous beaches in the north and south of the city of Venice    >>> see beaches in and around Venice.

The beach of Lido is a many kilometers long sandy beach. It is very well maintained, also the water is very clean. At the beach there are many families, according to our impression a mixture of locals and tourists.

Cabins on the beach

A special feature of the stands in Venice are the many small huts. These lockable beach huts can be rented. Many locals rent for the whole season, but it is only possible for a few days. In the hut there is furniture like sunbeds, parasols, a table and chairs. Of course, the cabins are not cheap, like many things in Venice.

On the beach of Lido there are many thousands of such huts. Some are simple sheds, others have style (see picture).

The Lido beach is freely accessible. This is not the case everywhere in Italy. In the village there is an entrance to the beach every 100 to 200 meters, mostly at a beach restaurant or at a beach bar. Those who want can walk a few kilometres along the beach. Swimming, bathing and lying on the towel is possible without payment. Thus, there are also some things in Venice that are less commercial than elsewhere in Italy.

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Prices at the beach of Lido (Venice)

We asked in the northern beach section in the city center, thus opposite the ferry dock of Venice Santa Maria Elisabetta.

In our opinion sunbeds and umbrellas are quite expensive. In the lido where we were in June 2018 the following prices apply: 17 Euro for one person (1 sunbed and 1 umbrella) nnzw. 25 Euro for 2 persons (2 sunbeds and 1 parasol). It is a few percent cheaper to rent for several days. If you rent a sunbed and umbrella, you can use the toilets and showers (otherwise 1 Euro each) free of charge.

Water is inexpensive almost everywhere: From the fridge 0.5l about 1 euro, 1.5 liters about 2 euro

Other drinks, also at the kiosk, are quite expensive (Coca Cola can about 2.50 or 0.5 l plastic bottles about 3 euros, larger beer about 4 euros).

There are many restaurants on the beach of Lido. The cheapest are self-service pizzas (ours was delicious, about 8 to 10 euros). But you can also easily spend more than 20 Euro for a meal with 2-3 courses.

Toilets (bagni) and showers (docce) usually cost 1 Euro, in our as mentioned beach bath for free if you rent an umbrella / lounger.

Free of charge: You don't have to rent a sun lounger, many locals simply lie down on a towel or take a hut (see above).

There are also some shops with the usual beach items like inflatable tires, dinosaurs and other plastic animals, toys, towels etc.

You can also rent a beach towel at the beach of Lido (fee 2,50 and 10 Euro deposit).

Ice cream and drinks are generally somewhat cheaper at the many vending machines than at the kiosk.

A water guard has it in our beach section on several small towers. This of course causes costs, therefore high prices partly understandable.

You can see many bans on the beach for example playing ball, dogs, music play equipment also radios, bicycles and other vehicles.

We also saw a surfboard rental directly at the Lido beach.

Surfing and other water sports are of course also very popular on the beaches of Lido.

Directions to the beach in Lido

Those who want to go to the rather full beach in the city of Lido and come from Venice can walk. One simply walks from the ferry over the narrow island. The distance is about one kilometre. One goes through one of the most important streets in the city of Lido with restaurants and shops including a small department store with supermarket in the ground floor.

Those who want to go to a quieter part of the beach of Lido can simply take a bus from the jetty. For example, bus line A runs south every 10 minutes to Malamocca or Alberoni.

Map of the island of Lido

The long island of Lido is in the east of Venezia.

Important: This article was translated by a non-native English speaking person. We apologize for mistakes.

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