Trip to Verona

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Those who spend more than a few days in Venice and want to see a second interesting city on vacation can take a day trip to Verona. You can reach Verona easily and quickly by train from Venice.

Verona has many sights to offer and is considered, after Venice, the second most important tourist city in northern Italy. Highlights are the ancient amphitheater, the beautiful old city center and the House of Juliet from the tragedy "Romeo and Juliet" by William Shakespeare. Everything is close together and can be easily visited on foot during a day trip.

Verona is also the city of opera. The opera festivals of Verona are among the most important in the world. They take place every year from mid / end of June to the end of August. In 2019 you can visit the operas from 21 June to 7 September. The Verona Opera Festival is held in the ancient Arena (Amphitheater) in the city center.

Verona Card: Great Ticket

For only 20 euros (24 h) or 25 euros (48 h) there is a great City Pass for tourists on the Internet, entrance without queuing to the famous Arena Verona, city tower, public transport, etc.: all included. A great bargain, bookable on website Getyourguide:   >>>  More information and booking Verona-Card

Arena of Verona

The Arena of Verona is the second largest amphitheater in the world, only the Colosseum in Rome is larger. In summer, during the Opera Festival, the Arena Verona is the center of the city. Many performances are by Verdi (2019: Aida, Il Trovatore, La Traviata). A day trip from Venice to Verona with a visit to an opera is unfortunately difficult. The operas start late (about 9 pm) and last about 4 hours with breaks. They are more than worth seeing, but of course it is not possible to travel back from Verona to Venice by train so late at night (1 am or even later)

Outside the festival period, the ancient amphitheater can be visited. Unfortunately the entrance fee to the Arena Verona is not a bargain and is 10 Euro for adults (as of the beginning of 2019). There are some discounts as for students (7,50 Euro). The opening hours of the Amphitheater Verona are different and probably depend among other things on the nightfall. During our visit the opening hours were from 8:30 to 19:30 (January 2018).

The city center with the Piazza delle Erbe

The city center of Verona is one of the most important sights in Italy. The river Adige makes a 180 degree arc, the old part of Verona is inside this arc.

Central square is the Piazza delle Erbe. Around the square are important buildings such as the 17th century Palazzo Maffei, the 14th century Case dei Mazzanti and the medieval tower Torre del Gardello. The Madonna Verona fountain in Piazza delle Erbe is the symbol of Verona.

Verona Cathedral

Whoever comes to Verona should not miss the Cathedral in the back of the old town. The Cathedral Santa Maria Matricolare is, after the Arena, probably the biggest sight in the city of Verona. World-famous is the painting "Assumption of the Virgin Mary" (Italian: Assunta) by Titian from 1518. The oil painting above the altar is almost seven meters high.

Opening hours Santa Maria Matricolare (Verona Cathedral): Monday to Saturday 10 am to 5 pm, Sunday 1:30 pm to 5 pm.

Entrance fee Verona Cathedral: The entrance fee is 2,50 Euro.

House of Juliet (Casa di Giulietta)

Many tourists visit the House of Juliet from the drama Romeo and Juliet by Wiliam Shakespeare. Through an archway with thousands of sayings and names scribbled directly in the center of Verona you enter a backyard. You can see the balcony on which Juliet and Romeo are said to have sworn eternal love to each other. Below, in the courtyard of the Casa di Giulietta there is a bronze statue of Juliet (Giulietta).

In the house of Julia is a small museum. The entrance fee is 6 Euro (as of Jnaur 2018). Opening hours Casa di Giulietta beginning 2018: Daily 8:30 to 19:30, Monday only from 13:30.

Organized excursions from Venice to Verona

The easiest way is of course to book an organized tour as part of a day trip from Venice to Verona. You will be brought to Venice by a small bus. The day trip includes the entrance to the Amphit Theater including a ticket without queuing. This makes a lot of sense, because otherwise you would have to queue for hours for a ticket at the ancient theater during the season. --->>>>  More Informationen und Booking.

Without tour: alone with the train from Venice to Verona

Almost all trains from Venice to Verona leave from Santa Lucia station and stop again in Mestre on the mainland opposite the island of Venice. There are high-speed trains (mainly Eurostar, about one hour), but also regional trains (about 90 minutes). The fast trains run more frequently (about once an hour during the day) and require reservations. The main train station in Verona (about a 15-minute walk from the entrance to the city center) is called Verona Porta Nuova (translates approximately Verona New Gate). Be careful; in summer the fast trains are often fully booked.

Ticket prices: The single fare for the regional trains from Venice to Verona is about 9 Euro (as of 2018). The price of a ticket for the Eurostar trains is different. If you don't make a booking in the days before, these trains can be really expensive, similar to the ICE in Germany. If you book a few days in advance and get an offer (economy, in Italy economy or even cheaper super economy), you only pay about half for a ticket.

So, if you are on a trip from Venice to Verona and back, you sit in the train for 2 to 3 hours. In addition, it takes about three-quarters of an hour to get from Verona train station to the city and back. A day trip is therefore quite possible, but you should leave early.

Verona Card: Great Ticket

For only 20 euros (24 hours) or 25 euros (48 hours) there is a great City Pass for tourists on the Internet, entrance without queuing to the famous Arena Verona, city tower, public transport, etc.: all included. A great bargain, bookable on website Getyourguide:   >>>  More information and booking Verona-Card

From Verona railroad station to the city on foot

You get off at Verona's main train station (Porto Nuova station) and leave the station in the direction of the city center (you go right, signposted). After about 5 minutes there is a big intersection after a gas station. Here you turn left. After another 10 minutes you pass through the big gate and are in Piazza Bra next to the Arena. The central Piazza delle Erbe is another 10 minutes' walk through a beautiful pedestrian zone.

Status of the information: Mid / end of 2021, partly updated in early 2023






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