Airport Buses Venice (Marco Polo Airport Shuttle Buses)


The bus is the best, fastest and cheapest way to get from Venice Marco Polo Airport to the old town of Venice. There are frequent buses to downtown Venice as well as to Mestre and other places such as Lido di Jesolo. Mestre is the district of Venice, which lies opposite the main island with the city centre on the mainland. In Mestre are  many tourist-hotels.

The airport buses stop in front of the exit of the airport, it is well signposted and very easy to find. A ticket must be bought in advance. The bus driver does not sell tickets. You can buy the tickets to the city and Mestre at a counter in the airport. A single trip costs 8 euros.

Our tip: buy tickets for the airport bus beforehand

Buying an online-ticket for the Airport Shuttle Bus has advantages. You do not have to look for the ticket-counter, you have no problems with the foreign language and you do not have to wait in long queues. We always buy the tickets for the airport bus at home on the Internet before the trip. This online-tickets cost just as much as at the ticket-counter in the airport (8 euros one way, 15 euros return). With an online tickets you are not bound to a certain bus, the tickets can be canceled up to one day before the journey free of charge. Express Buses to Venice and Mestre run several times an hour during the day. In Venice buses to and from the airport are called "Airport Shuttle Buses".

The operator of public buses to and from Venice Airport is ATVO. The buses are punctual and modern, e.g. with free Wi-Fi. For us the trip from the airport to the city is always a good opportunity to check emails, Facebook, etc. on the phone after the flight. There are many express buses to Venice and Mestre. The bus journey from Marco Polo airport to Venice is around 20 minutes, to Mestre it is a bit less, depending on the traffic. A ticket costs just 8 euros, to Mestre and to the city of Venice (prices from spring 2018).

Schedule Airport bus Venice Marco Polo to Venice (main island)

These "Airport Shuttle Buses" leave from the airport directly to Piazzale Roma on the main island of Venice. This place is right after the long bridge to Venice and the only place on the island of Venice with a bus stop. The main train station Venezia Santa Lucia is only about 150 meters away. All trains of the long-distance traffic and local traffic end here (sack station). There is no trains or trams to the airport of Venice, only the airport buses or more expensive ferries.

The following timetable is valid for all days (weekday and weekend) and is from 2017. It can be expected that 2018 will not change much.

Timetable from Marco Polo Airport to Venice:
5:20, 6:00, 6:50, 7:50, 8:20, 8:50, 9:20 then every 20 minutes until 22:20, 22:50, 23:20, 23:50, 00:20, 00:50

There are no Airport Shuttle Buses between 00:50 and 5:20 at night. If you arrive in the middle of the night in Venice, you can wait for the few hours to the first airport bus or take a very expensive taxi.

Timetable from Venice to Venice Marco Polo Airport
4:20, 5:00, 5:40, 6:20, 6:50, 7:20, 7:50, 8:20, 8:50, 9:20, 9:50, then every 20 minutes until 20:50, 21:30, 22:00, 22:30, 23:00

Schedule Airport bus Venice Marco Polo to Mestre

These buses run from Marco Polo Airport to Mestre Train Station. More specifically, they end at a bus station, which is about 100 meters from the entrance of the station.

The timetable from the airport shuttle bus to and from Mestre is quite complicated and differs between working days, school days, weekends and so on. So here are just a few comments:

Buses from Marco Polo airport to Mestre run at least every 20 minutes between 7am and 11pm. The first bus leaves at 6:06, the last bus at 0:50.

In the other direction (from Mestre to the airport) the Airport Shuttle Buses go just as often. The first airport bus departs in Mestre at 5:20, the last one at 21:15.

The travel time according to the timetable for the Venice Airport Marco Polo Express to Mestre is 17 minutes. Only the last two buses in the late evening (after midnight) take about 30 minutes as there are no express buses.

Most information in this article is from mid-2017 to January 2018

Important: This article was translated by a non-native English speaking person. We apologize for mistakes.




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